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Van Life with Josh & Elise

Meet the young couple who packed up their belongings and set off on a journey around Australia! Elise and Josh from Adelaide, Australia, converted their 2005 Kia Preggio van (Donovan) and have been living the slow life for the last 14 months. These guys are the perfect example of a couple who has realised what true living is, and that there is more to life than working 9-5. Here at Salty Aura, we are all about motivating people to explore and experience moments that will last forever, so we hope this will give you some inspiration.  What does a regular day living in the van look like? Every waking day is different, it depends on where we are and more importantly what the weather...

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Why should we stop using plastic?

Plastic has become a normal material used in everyday life. It is wrapped around almost all the food we eat, some of this food even containing micro bits of plastic. We carry this food home in plastic bags, where most people then dispose the bag into another plastic garbage bag 30 minutes later. This is not what life should be like. In just 40 years, statistics show plastic grew from people producing 50 million metric tons in 1976, to 335 million metric tons in 2016. Plastic is lightweight, allowing it to travel long distances by wind and water. It is nondegradable and only breaks up into tiny pieces that end up in our oceans to then be consumed by wildlife. This wildlife...

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