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Road Tripping Australia In a Bus

Ever wondered what it's like to travel Australia in a bus? Well meet Mark and Madie, who have created the most beautiful home on wheels to explore this amazing country in. We hope this inspires you to do something similar one day! Mark & Madie Hey! We’re Madie and Mark, aged 24 and 29 from the Central Coast NSW! We’ve been travelling around Australia in our self converted motor home called Salty for almost a year now!  What made you decide to travel Australia in a bus? We always had the idea that we wanted to road trip around Australia but never went further into it, until one day we said ‘let’s just do it’! We looked at vans, and although...

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Road Tripping Australia with a young family

Meet Kallie, Dylan, Lincoln and Zephyr, a young family who chose to live an extraordinary life travelling Australia in their gorgeous bus Nelly. Get an insight into what it's like road tripping with young children, and if its something you would consider doing one day! Kallie, Dylan, Lincoln & Zephyr We are Kallie (26), Dylan (24), Lincoln (4) and Zephyr (1) a young family of four currently travelling Australia in our Nissan Civilian Bus that is now affectionately called Nelly. We purchased her in late 2017 and self-converted her to become our home on wheels for the last 2 years where our dream of living life on the road began and we’ve been loving life ever since. We’ve travelled up and down the east coast in...

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Vanlife with Mandy, Chris & Ralph

If you're wondering how some people make money on the road, Chris and Mandy have an interesting and inspiring approach. These young osteopaths are working their way around Australia using their skills in rural towns all over the country.   Tell us a bit about yourselves: Hey guys, we are two Osteopaths from Melbourne who got sick of the daily city grind and wanted to create a new life for ourselves. We’ve been travelling the country for the last 8 months with our rescue dog Ralph taking our skills, knowledge and passion to remote communities all around Australia. What made you decide to travel Australia in a van? We were running our own clinic in busy Melbourne and despite it going...

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Vanlife with Celeste & Callum

Want to know how a couple of 20 year olds travel Australia? Read below to find out how Celeste and Callum saved up to explore the beautiful country that we live in. If you're thinking of doing the same thing, they may have some handy tips for you.  Tell us a bit about yourselves: We are Callum and Celeste, two 20 year old Aussies travelling around Australia in our self converted van, with a passion for adventure and exploring new places. Living on the road allows us the freedom to live a simple and adventurous life, it brings us the most happiness when we are outdoors amongst the elements with each other. Why did you choose to travel Australia? After...

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Benefits of solar blankets for extended travel

As we are running a business while living on the road, it is super important for us that we always have plenty of power. We rely on constant power to charge laptops, cameras, phones, etc. We have over 200AH of battery that we have to keep charged while living off-grid. We charge the batteries through the alternator while driving, but sometimes this gets a little tricky when parked up for long periods of time. We have a small solar panel on the front of the troopy, which gives us charge when parked facing the sun. The only problem with this is that we try to avoid parking in the sun as the car gets too hot inside. For the first...

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