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How To Roadtrip Australia - How long for, How much money, and How to make money

Australia Australia is an incredibly diverse and vast country, with very unique landscapes in every area of the country. Australia has the most beaches in the world, with a coastline stretching almost 50,000 kilometres and more than 10,000 beaches.  This makes it the perfect country to chase a never ending summer, and experience a road trip of a lifetime. Being so large, it could take years to travel the country, but you absolutely have to start somewhere, even by doing it one state at a time. Australia is composed of 6 states and 2 territories, all with very different landscapes and weather patterns. How to Travel Australia There are so many ways to travel Australia, depending on who you are,...

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What Vehicle Is Best To Travel Australia In?

Road Tripping with Jess & Luke Hello! We are Jess & Luke, a newly married couple that have been living on the road for the past two and a half years. We currently live out of our hi top troopy Rocket while we look for a place to settle and call home :)   Would you rather travel in the troop carrier or caravan, and why? Ten times over we love the troopy for our style of travel, we tend to always be on the move rather than staying in one spot and we love that we can take the troopy along for the ride where ever we go. It's so handy taking everything you own with you everywhere even if it is...

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Road Tripping Australia as a Young French Couple

Meet Clara and Thomas, a french couple who flew to Australia to explore everything it had to offer. To do this they bought a Toyota Landcruiser Troop Carrier, converted it into their home, and set off into the heart of Australia. Find out how they managed to do this without any of their own tools, and how to 'backpack' Australia in style.  Hi there! We are Clara and Thomas. Two frenchy's in their early 30s’ who took a year off to explore the wilderness of Australia with our own self converted Troopy called Lily. We are avid for adventure mixed with passion for nature. We have a love for wine and cheese, adding Tim tams to our addiction list since arriving...

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The Ultimate Guide: Road Tripping the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is such a magical place, offering incredibly unique landscapes and outback experiences. From freshwater rock pools, countless hot springs, glowing red landscapes, and breathtaking sunsets. We absolutely loved our time exploring the Northern Territory, and highly recommend it to everyone. We road tripped the NT for 7 weeks, in a 4x4 Troop Carrier Landcruiser. We drove up through the centre from South Australia and left the NT heading to Western Australia. Even if you’re not doing a huge road trip like us, you can still visit these places by flying in and hiring a car.  Important things to know before you go: The best months to visit the Northern Territory are May- October in the dry season....

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Road Tripping Australia In a Bus

Ever wondered what it's like to travel Australia in a bus? Well meet Mark and Madie, who have created the most beautiful home on wheels to explore this amazing country in. We hope this inspires you to do something similar one day! Mark & Madie Hey! We’re Madie and Mark, aged 24 and 29 from the Central Coast NSW! We’ve been travelling around Australia in our self converted motor home called Salty for almost a year now!  What made you decide to travel Australia in a bus? We always had the idea that we wanted to road trip around Australia but never went further into it, until one day we said ‘let’s just do it’! We looked at vans, and although...

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