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Cactus Silk Cushions

Cactus Silk Cushions

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Our favourite 100% natural cactus silk cushions are handmade and dyed in Morocco by talented artisans, using sustainable Saharan agave cactus silk, camel wool, and vegetable dyes. They are the perfect addition to your space, being easy to style while adding a touch of colour.  Each cushion is unique and one-off. They may have slight imperfections adding to the character and making them extra special as no two items are the same. 

Dimensions: Range between 40cm - 50cm

Insert not included. Fits 50x50cm cushion insert.

Care Instructions: This is a delicate handmade item and should be treated gently. Cactus Silk products are dry clean only. No chemicals are used to fix the colour so do not spot clean. Liquid will affect the colour of the natural vegetable dyes and may cause the colour to run/transfer to other materials.